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Watch a video  on house concerts produced by Global National. The show was presented by Lift the Wind Concert Series featuring The Hupman Brothers. Link to the video Here.

Featured Artist

Shannon Quinn

Featured Artist Shannon Quinn

This is the sort of 'testimonial' we like to hear! Kudos to Shannon Quinn!

"Shannon gave a house concert at By the Bay B and B at the end of July. She presented as a very professional and accomplished musician. She engaged well with the audience, with stories of the traditional songs and of her own compositions as well getting the audience to participate in some sing-alongs. She was warm, relaxed and friendly. The audience loved her fiddle playing as well as her clear singing voice. I would recommend Shannon for a concert and would definitely go and see her again.

 - Cathie Watson, By the Bay Bed and Breakfast 10502 Peggy's Cove Road, Glen Margaret, NS B3Z 3G8"

Please check out Shannon Quinn's website at Shannon Quinn Music .

Featured Industry Professional


Photo of Dave Gunning by Chris Smith

As Chris himself says -

Taking a life lesson from the people who brought us peanut butter cups, I took the two things I love most, music and visual arts, and combined them to make a whole that was even more enjoyable than its parts. Mmmmmm... yummy!

With a background in radio, entertainment writing, club DJ-ing and concert booking, I stumbled into the world of graphic design by making posters for the concerts I booked. Eventually, I learned that designing posters was way more fun than arguing over money with booking agents. That initiated a hiatus from the music business which launched me into the land of professional graphic design where I worked for about 5 years managing the Art Departments for IT Firms and Ad Agencies. Preferring to use my own photos over stock images, it was during this time that I began to teach myself photography. Yup, I'm self taught. I just push buttons until things make sense or catch on fire!

But eventually the world of music called me back to the fold. So I took what I'd learned and started my own company known as funkfactor. Now I spend my creative energy developing CD designs, websites, photo shoots and more for members of the entertainment industry.

This change in career has been very kind to me as I've won numerous awards including five East Coast Music Awards for both Photography and Graphic Design, several Visual Artist of the Year awards from Music Nova Scotia as well as a handful of Best Music Photographer awards from The Coast.

Featured CD

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Featured CD The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project


  1. Always In My Heart
  2. Sekwi Na'da'ster
  3. Star Fly High
  4. Speak Up,Speak Out
  5. The North is My Home
  6. Show Me What you Got
  7. What Would Life Be Like
  8. Love So True
  9. Can't Tie Me Down
  10. Blank White Page

A few years back, as a way to expand my school shows that I’ve been doing for the past ten years, I wanted to create something that was more along the lines of what I was all about. I approached Steven Bowers about creating a “Music Creation Workshop” for schools. I envisioned a presentation that was musical, educational, highly participational and could break down the mysterious walls of songwriting for the students. After about a dozen around the Maritimes, we were blown away at how natural students are at songwriting, with our guidance of course.

I was hired by the Municipality of Wood Buffalo to put on this music creation workshop and I was even able to bring the wonderful Mr. Thom Swift along! The project is entitled “The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project”. Along with Steven Bowers and Thom Swift, we wrote 10 songs in 10 days, with 10 students in each of the 10 schools. We would start off by writing a song in one hour with the students. Then we would record the students singing that very song. After a one hour performance for the entire student body ending in the song we wrote, the three of us would head back to the hotel and finish off recording the tracks with more instruments and voices. Thom jokingly nicknamed the project “Daytona Songwriting 500″. At the beginning of the 10 days we had nothing. Dave Gunning had the tracks mixed and mastered 12 days after the project started. There was no debt for the record whatsoever and the municipality has already purchased 5000 copies for the students to sell like chocolate bars. At $20 a piece (at no profit to us), that will raise a total of $100,000 for school programming.

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