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visions of house concerts danced in their heads.....


With over five years of dedication to the promotion of house concerts, Paula Fredericks, along with her husband Mike, continues to maintain, develop and enhance this site and seek out, listen to and support indie singer/songwriters as much as possible. Originally from Canso, NS, and a proud Stanfest supporter, Paula has called the Halifax area home for about 28 years. She keeps busy with contract work in visual display/merchandising, event decor and marketing. At their home in the St. Margarets Bay area, Paula & Mike have hosted over 30 house concerts as Lift the Wind Concert Series. In a house on the side of a hill, with a calico cat, a hundred hostas and dozens of random pieces of paper, Paula also pursues her passion of songwriting. Many thanks to Julian West for the months of work in the beginning.


Since July 21, 2006, has been a growing network of house concerts, especially in rural communities, but also in cities, for the benefit of musicians and audiences.  We invite artists (or their managers) venue hosts, and audiences to help enhance the Canadian house concert network, and become promoters of house concerts. Non-commercial community venues such as community centres and church basements are welcome to post "host profiles."

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote Canadian house concerts.

Our Goals • Educate people about house concerts
• Get communities excited and talking about house concerts
• Facilitate house concert bookings between music artists and venue hosts
• Encourage the use of our site resources to promote house concerts
• Create a network of house concert venues in Canada for touring musicians
Our Objectives • Establish a database of music artists interested in performing at house concerts in Canada
• Promote the growth and use of our Canadian house concert venue database
• Provide a listing of house concerts in Canada
• Provide features for music artists and house concert venues on our website.
• Provide house concert resources to site visitors such as our house concert “How to” guide.
• Provide a newsletter featuring Canadian house concerts and any of "our" musicians


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