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Don't go to Home Depot for this next project. Just plain “home” probably has everything you need. If not, ask a friend if you can borrow a living room. If you're a musician, playing a concert in your OWN home might be the most grassroots thing you can do. Even more rootsy than taking your show on the road, or to the streets.

Some of Acousticroof's own roots are firmly planted in a house concert experience several years ago, when Jill Barber and Rose Cousins played a show like this in Halifax. Two of the guests that warm August night went on to found the website you are looking at today.

Just use the space you have, and try it with neighbours and friends. As few as 10 people can make a great audience. Set a date, (and a price!) and promote it well. Maybe ask each person to bring a friend. Get a commitment on attendance. When folks arrive, you'll be rather busy, so have a friend collect for you. Besides, we know it may make you uncomfortable to pass the hat. Always remember, this is your performance, and probably your flat, house or apartment so this time you get to set all the rules. Audiences can come equipped with a snack to share, a cushion, and extra money to purchase your CD after the show. Keep it a comfortable length, maybe two 30 minute sets (or 40 minutes, hey, you're a touring artist – you have the material!) with a 20 minute break.

If your neighbours are tolerant, and the weather cooperative, you could have this show on your deck or patio. (Don't put too many people on the deck! Perhaps play from there and let people gather around inside, out on the grass or near the doorway.)

In a perfect world, acousticroof would be rolling in hosts looking for acts to play in their homes, community halls or coffee houses.... but if you're already a musician you know that things take time. The truth is, running acousticroof has become quite an education process. There are lots of people – including fans of every kind of music – who have never even HEARD of a house concert, even though in many locales they are quite the norm. Especially if you're just starting out, you need to find ways to bring music to your friends and neighbours, to let them know that this is NOT your hobby...that playing music is how you want to earn your living. This is the real “roots” - building audiences that connect with you and then watch you grow.

Whether you post your show on or not (posting venues and listing shows is free) we are behind you. (You can profile and post a venue for a single show, and then ask us to remove your posting afterwards...) You could also start a Facebook group for your show, post notices, use MySpace to send bulletins, tell your mailman, or your favourite auntie. For lots of great advice on hosting a concert, click on Resources. Or under Archive, visit the past newsletters, each of which contains tips for hosts, artists and audiences. Watch the site for notices of “coffee chats” where we will be happy to talk to you and relate our own hosting experiences. And above all, get up and perform!

Let us know about your show!  -Paula Fredericks (contact at

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