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What will you find when you search for MUSICIANS on the form below? Over 500 are here on these is up to you to give them a listen and see if they meet your entertainment requirements. We do not jury the musicians, there is just not enough time in the day! But rest assured there are hundreds of great artists here.

You will find singer/songwriters, jazz musicians, award-winning blues players, wonderful harpists, delightful fiddlers, folkies of every description, piano players, expert guitarists, and much more!

Pretty much whatever you're looking for in indie music....

Search by "province" to find great musicians from most Canadian provinces, many US musicians and some Australian and European players too!   If you search by city, and don't find what you are looking for, try searching by "province" because some artists have not used a specific city name... for instance some have said GTA (meaning Greater Toronto Area) instead of  "Toronto."  Better to search "Ontario."

Use the "instrument" or "genre" field to search for your favourite kind of music...

If you search musicians by name, be sure you have the spelling correct!!!  Our search "engine" is nothing like Google's...

If you think to yourself  "there is an artist I'd like to hear" and you can't find them here on, send us a note at  and we can possibly make an inquiry for you. Who is on your "house concert wish list"?

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